The Biking Movie Night 2019/20 presents:

Take your free time and stream the Biking Movie Night now at home.

This film was produced by ravir film.

Your ar a filmmaker yourself?

You have produced your own bike movie and want to present it to the community here?
For the coming season we are looking for exciting, unique and worth seeing movies for the Biking Movie Night (short and long film).

You have a movie? Then send us an email.

The adventure outdoor bike travel racing movie “Heading East – Adventure TransOst”

About a bikepacking race of a special kind

Bring the “BMN – Biking Movie Night” to you.

Furthermore bookable for the normal time after “Corona”.

Everyone can present the Biking Movie Night. With your friends, in your club, showroom, in the bike shop or in the local cinema. We provide the movie – you provide the location. There is only a nominal fee, which differs between private, semi-commercial or commercial.


Currently there are no events.

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The film is provided as MP4 stream. For cinemas also available as DCP stream or on HDD.

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